It is not easy for me to differentiate my life from my painting, my professional from my personal works, for in some aspects they have been overlapping in a rather entangled plot, being so intimately related to each other: this is how I find with myself, in myself and with others.

Although my production has not followed a straight path, showing several entrances and escapes, one constant more hidden sometimes than others underlies in the whole field of the route. It is the theme of personal and collective memory, even from the first collages with some plunges other times.

In a way situated at the margins, like a thin, colourless strip, from the memories of a continental past, the personal finding of (or meeting with) places, with the shadows as present of the past, the memory delimits and or confuses those margins of what is no more, sometimes making them blurry.

From the remembered images, some recovered by fleeting moments, there is the complicit joy of the memory of a people and the dejection of lost memories, hurtful when detecting that they are lost: thus the substance no longer replaces the form, and nothing changes either, but without touching what is on the other side although history no longer has a place.

I have been recollecting things, the things I do not understand, or that are in my heart, I have been putting them together as they appear. The joining has not been following rules, the important thing is to put them together, because this way the meaning of the things changes and in every change of anything lies the possibility to burst into the other thing, but without any change as well.

With a bank of memorable moments, the intrusion of different memory updating mechanisms that summons other sensory fields of new searches and very ancient questions, regimes of distinct symbols have been put in contact: political, theoretical physical, biological links …
How to relocate such significances now? How to extract the visibility from those things, those memories? And to recover the past for memory can radiate the present. Which territorialism do they occupy? How can I inquire the why of the absences…